What is a Grocerant?

There was a time when food was sold through much more rigid channels than exist today. For the most part consumers used to buy their meats, dry groceries and fresh food at a supermarket and when they had extra income to splurge on "out of the house" food they would drive to [...]

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How chefs control costs in the kitchen

Professional Chef's who've been at it long enough know a thing or two about how to deal with rising food costs. Fueled by trends in global demand combined with low inventories, crops such as corn, soybean, wheat and rice can all contribute to higher prices. But it doesn't stop there because higher crop [...]

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Google Launches ‘Recipe View’

March, 2011 -  In late February Google launched a new search tool called Recipe View. Recipe View is a new search feature that helps users find recipes from across the web. It allows filtering of search results to show only recipes. After searching for a recipe or ingredient on Google, select "Recipes" in [...]

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