List of food traceability software programs

As food companies continue to deploy practices and systems to ensure they are compliant with the FSMA many are obtaining SQF certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute. Organizations that have relied on spreadsheets and manual record-keeping will find it hard to stay both compliant and competitive without some deploying some sort of [...]

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Exactly What is “Clean Label” Food?

A major trend in the food industry is the consumer's preference for healthy, natural and sustainable foods and the industry's initiatives to meet this consumer demand. While there are laws and standards that govern 'organic' food production and labeling there really is little, in the US market, that governs how food companies [...]

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There could be wood in your cheese

In late 2012 agents of the Food and Drug Administration paid a visit to a Castle Cheese factory in rural Pennsylvania. Acting on a tip, they found evidence that Castle Cheese Inc. was doctoring its 100 percent real Parmesan with cut-rate substitutes and such fillers as wood pulp and distributing it to some [...]

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