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Week of 7/24/17

Farming myths to remember when grocery shopping  WaPo

Other ‘Food’ Acquisition Targets for Amazon  MSN

Earlier Headlines

Walmart to open new mega-warehouse in FL

Alibaba doubling down on supermarket strategy  CNBC

Kroger wins customer satisfaction survey

Amazon insider speculates on grocery strategy  BI

Union opposes Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods  Reuters

Wal-Mart leads in food-price survey

Kroger’s advantages are weakening

7 Million pounds of hot dogs recalled  Reuters

Lidl looks to expand in Ohio

Brandless essentials for $3 each  techcrunch

Albertson’s IPO Plans Stalled  bloomberg

Two Hispanic supermarket chains merge

Food stores on brink of evolutionary leap

Kroger sues Lidl for trademark infringement  Yahoo

Organic food sales jump 8.4% in 2016

Aldi and Lidl bring July 4 fireworks  MSN

Supermarkets winning the grocery ecommerce race   PG

Kroger CFO “Feels Great” About Amazon-Whole Foods  MSN

Not enough supermarkets in Manhattan

Hawaii’s Times Supermarkets chain to be sold  SN

Fresh Market gets into the meal-kit biz

Price Chopper Opens Another Market 32  PG

Target launches home delivery service

Tesco launches one-hour delivery in London  MSN

Putting a Farm in Every Grocery Store  TechCrunch

Brick-and-mortar grocery stores are here to stay  NYPost

There’s a street fight to deliver groceries  CNBC

Where Americans are buying groceries  BI

Kroger CEO: We have advantages vs. Amazon

Lidl Launches- Can Grocery Stores Survive?

CEO of The Fresh Market resigns

Amazon’s Whole Foods may launch another brand  Reuters

This supermarket has an in-store nutritionist

Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods  The Atlantic

Pressure builds on Twin Cities grocery stores  Star Tribune

Lidl’s first US Stores Open for Business  The Sun

Grocery stores are getting super-sized

Wal-Mart & Bayer Create a Designer Cantaloupe  Bloomberg

Discounters remake grocery shopping

Tiny Mobile Grocery Store Run by AI

Stop & Shop, Instacart add offering in Boston  SN

Aldi to invest $3.4B to expand US store base  USNews

Grocery executive’s bonuses down last year  Fox

Walmart Testing Giant Grocery Vending Machine

Trump’s food stamp fee on retailers  CNBC

Shipt raises $40 million from VC’s

Food fight foils ‘Made in Italy’ plan  Reuters

Walmart Begins Testing Associate Delivery Walmart Blog

Kroger slashes prices on store-brand items

Supermarkets put on notice to cut waste  Reuters

British shoppers tops for buying groceries online  Yahoo

Wegmans named top grocery store in Survey

Lidl maps its first US stores  USA Today

The Grocery Shopping Revolution Consumer Reports

Will Whole Foods get bought out?

Sainsbury eyes bid for Tesco supplier  MSN

In NJ, ethnic grocery stores expanding

Edible insects flying off the shelves?  Telegraph

The Supermarket of the Future

Wal-Mart regaining grocery share from competitors  CNBC

AmazonFresh launches in Denver

Albertsons makes 2 e-commerce hires  SN

The Future of Whole Foods Isn’t About Groceries  Bloomberg

The Grocery Shopping Revolution  Yahoo

Amazon Go Sets Sights Abroad  Bloomberg

A Supermarket on Wheels

Grocery stores lag on antibiotic-free food

Cashier’s automated out of existence?  Yahoo

Ahold’s Martin’s chain to close stores  SN

Recent Food Industry News

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Week of 7/24/17

Farmers adapt to changing weed species

Meat producers are earning high profit  Reuters

Earlier Headlines

August deadline to apply for federal crop insurance

CA farmers race to replace workers with robots  LA Times

Agriculture in 2040

A day in the life with dicamba damage

In Maine, oysters farms are booming

Drought catches cattle producers off guard

North Dakota Cropland Values Ease 1%

13 ways tech will reinvent farming

Drought Stressed North Dakota Corn  AG Pro

Mike Conaway fights for Ag Funding  Politico

Betting on Hemp Farming  bloomberg

Robots coming to fish-processing plants

Feds buy surplus blueberries again

Migrant workers sue Monsanto over pay

Growing Bugs For Animal Feed  Forbes

FDA, USDA at odds over ‘soy milk’

Beef sales are heating up  USAToday

The UK Pulls Out From Fishing Pact  Yahoo

Huge corn supplies in storage bins  Reuters

Farmers concerned about feral swine program

Will Higher Wages Solve Farming’s Labor Shortage?  Forbes

ABC & Beef Products settle ‘pink slime’ suit  CNN

Pa. board preserves 34 farms

TX Ag Chief doesn’t rule out joining USDA  TX Tribune

DuPont buys rights to agriculture patents

House GOP eyes ag cuts

Omaha Steaks works to stay relevant

US bans fresh Brazil beef imports   Reuters

Environmental Considerations Driving Evolution In Ag

States testing how to get people off SNAP  Politico

Canada ‘waiting & seeing’ on NAFTA farm issues  Reuters

Ranchers sue to return country-of-origin labeling  NY DailyNews

USDA reorganization takes shape under Perdue

Monsanto bets on AI to protect crops  MSN

More consolidation in agriculture expected

High-Tech Indoor Farm Nabs $20M from VC’s  AgWeb

10 Successful Farmers in 2017

NAFTA Ag Ministers to Meet Next Week  The Street

City makes it easier to farm in LA

Apple farmers adapt to a changing marketplace

Anti-fraud task force for fake ‘organic’ grains

Breaking Through Farming’s Veil of Secrecy  AgWeb

Blueberry prices drop as crops soar  ABC News

U.S. corn farmers step up sales  Reuters

Invasive pest alarms onion farmers

Lack of supply keeps farmland values stable

Cattlemen’s Association brings 30 producers to D.C.  Farm Forum

Farmers decry plans to cut Ag subsidies

Meat processor’s $5.7 billion lawsuit against ABC opens

FL Fruitgrowers struggle with citrus plant disease  USNews

Suit filed to get rid of Nebraska Livestock Brand Act

Are Robots the Future of farming?  Wired

First all-Iowa farm trade mission to China in July

Peach crops takes a hit from winter weather

How We’ll Eat Fish in the Future  Bloomberg

In Omaha, Ag company faces an oversupply of grain

Leaders of Senate Ag Committee Say No to Farm Bill Cuts

Two major USDA surveys underway

Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field

USDA Program helps farmers connect with rural stores

Farm groups oppose cuts to agriculture spending  Reuters

House approves bill to upend EPA pesticide rule  Yahoo

Eating Invasive Fish into Submission

Trump Proposes Farm Cuts

The Key to Sustainable Aquaculture

US Ag Exports Ride a 57-Year Surplus Streak  AgWeb

Congress should make organic agriculture a priority

Trump’s trade stance makes US farmers nervous  ABC News

$175M in Damages to Arkansas Ag Following Floods  AgWeb



Week of 7/24/17

The Technology of Mayonnaise  Bloomberg

Pickle company achieves zero food waste

Earlier Headlines

Illinois has lost multiple food manufacturers

Campbell Soup to withdraw from GMA  MW

Cape Cod Chips To Stay On Cape Cod

Big Food’s Next Big Problem  WSJ

US Foods acquires 3 Midwest distributors

Hampton Creek’s Board Quits  Bloomberg

Kellogg to move to a warehouse system

Reversing the curse of the center aisle  Yahoo

How Big Food Lost Touch With The Market  Forbes

Nestle’s health science biz  investing $22M Reuters

Food industry incubator coming to Chicago

Snack bar company Kind explores stake sale  Reuters

Campbell Soup buys Pacific Foods for $700M

Preventing food safety crises

Stonyfield Organic sold to Lactalis

Spam Celebrates 80th Spam-iversary

Several food firms get FDA warnings

Nestle’s Response to Investors Underwhelms

Dairy Farmer Co-op to Buy Kraft Heinz Plant

Hain Celestial acquires the Better Bean

White House may tighten food aid shipping rules  MSN

Hampton Creek is making lab-grown meat  BI

Chobanis traditional yogurt line  Fortune

Food Brands Face Amazon Squeeze  Fox Business

How Nestlé Expanded Beyond the Kitchen  NYT

Small food makers wonder about Amazon impact

Yoplait Manufactures Authenticity With Its Yogurt  NYT

Nanotechnology in the food industry

Nestles supports Food + Ag Tech Accelerator  FB News

Danone Rides Healthy Food Wave  NYT

General Mills has a new top marketer

Camembert Cheese might soon disappear  Bloomberg

BBX Capital buys IT’SUGAR for $57M

Soupman of ‘Seinfeld’ fame files Chapter 11  CNBC

Nestlé Looks to Sell US Candy Business  NYT

Potential Listeria in Grainless Granola Prompts Recall

Unilever to auction off margarine & spreads business  Reuters

Food Industry Hardens Cybersecurity Defenses

FDA Delays Revamped Nutrition Facts Panel  Yahoo

Industry Asks Trump to Exclude Steel Food Cans from Tariffs  Yahoo

‘GoCleanLabel certified’ scheme rolls out  Food Navigator

Emerging trends transform Smucker portfolio

Conagra recalls Spaghetti and Meatball Products  USDA

Employee Coup at Vegan Food Company?

A Millennial Food Safety Professional’s Perspective  QA Mag

Land O’Lakes launching a dairy-startup bootcamp

Cargill buys chicken company in Colombia

Steve Kroft profiles Chobani’s CEO  CBS News

Conagra, Pinnacle Foods deal talks end  CNBC

Layoffs at ConAgra’s Chef Boyardee plant in PA

Schwan’s Co. to acquire MaMa Rosa’s Pizza

General Mills shelves Tiny Toast brand

Danone to sell Stonyfield unit  CNBC

Signs that the Future of Food is Plant-Based

PepsiCo in talks to acquire All Market  Fortune

In the Age of Trump, Politics and Food  Real Clear

Vegan Burgers Hit Mainstream Bloomberg

The problem with trendy food pouches  HuffPost

World’s Largest Food And Beverage Companies 2017  Forbes

Flowers Foods preps for second century

Food Megabrands Launch VC Divisions

Campbell Soup Invests $10M in Chef’d  Fortune

Some brands squeezed out in Canadian food fight Chronicle Herald

General Mills Loses the Yogurt Wars  Fortune

Groups sue FDA over food additive rule  The Hill

The Worst Fat in the Food Supply  NYT



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Week of 7/24/17

Technology & the Food Workforce of the Future

How Does Norovirus Get into Restaurant Food?  Yahoo

Earlier Headlines

Packaging Produce for foodservice needs

The fastest-growing restaurant chain in history  BI

More Problems for Chipolte  CBS News

A Young Chef Invents ‘Neo-Fjordic’ Cuisine  NYT

Amazon treading on Blue Apron’s turf  CNBC

Why McDonald’s Fries Are So Addictive  MSN

Can remodels save the fast-food industry?

US Restaurant Industry Stuck in Collapse  ZeroHedge

Digital Disruption In Food Service

Chipotle NEXT Kitchen tests new menus

When Will Restaurant Automation Get Here?

Restaurants see results from mobile apps  MW

8 food documentaries on Netflix

Chefs Make Edibles that Taste Delicious

Subway is the the largest retailer in the US

Modernizing Ethiopian cuisine

Half of Blue Apron’s competitors will die CNBC

Chick-fil-A: hottest chain in the country  NRN

“Restaurant in a Restaurant” Trend  Yahoo

Blue Apron IPO off to a rough start  TechCrunch

Restaurant Loses Staff Following Visit From ICE

Darden CEO believes in millennials  CNBC

BurgerFi signs deal for vegetarian burgers  Daily Mail

Immigrants Poised To Shake Up US Culinary Landscape  Forbes

Foodservice Stocks Whacked By Speculation

Meal Kits and not so ‘free shipping’

New York restaurant industry is slowing down  NY Post

Americans prefer fast food over full-service dining  Fox News

Burger King honored as Creative Marketer of the Year  AdAge

Landry’s bids $55M for Ignite Restaurant Group  NRN

Why An Award-Winning Chef Gave Up On Restaurants  Forbes

Amazon could hurt Blue Apron’s IPO

Foodservice embraces plant-based eating

The Paradox of American Restaurants  The Atlantic

Restaurant oversupply worsens   NRN

Panera to hit $1 billion in digital sales  CNBC

Why personal space isn’t on the menu

Firm Buys Two Foodservice Equipment Dealers

Gordon Food Service acquires competitor

Restaurants build empires with brand licensing

Millennials Reshaping the Restaurant Industry  Yahoo

Restaurant Sales and Traffic Tumble  Zero Hedge

Blue Apron is prepping to go public

Minimum-wage hikes changing NYC’s restaurants  Crain’s

Some chefs are milling their own grains

Boston food trucks shut down for health violations Boston Globe

How Panera Sped Up Ordering

C-store beats 619 restaurant brands in study  CSP

Collaboration to optimize the food service supply chain  Forbes

Little Caesars won’t be investing in delivery  CNBC

10 Chicago Chefs to Follow on Instagram

An Entrepreneur Connects Farmers To Chefs  Forbes

Going Out for Lunch Is a Dying Tradition  WSJ

Taco Bell’s International Strategy  Bloomberg

McDonalds & Wendys roll out delivery service

How independent restaurants are winning  NRN

On-demand food delivery company folds   Yahoo

Cubs add all-star chef lineup to food roster Chicago Tribune



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