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Lidl buys more land in Texas

Walmart to Expand Food Stamp Acceptance Online  The Street

Wal-Mart Is Simplifying Store Operations  Bloomberg

Fresh Market to ‘double down’ on service  SN

New Course For Supermarkets: Opening Restaurants  Forbes

Hurricane Irma leaves supermarkets bare and waiting…  CNBC

Target slashes prices on thousands of items  Reuters

Whole Foods Price Cut Leads To 25% Surge

Amazon to cut Whole Foods prices  Reuters

UK to food industry: Cut the calories  CNN

Wal-Mart expands online grocery delivery via Uber  CNBC

Study finds private labels have staying power  SN

Competition forces grocers to sell an experience

Supervalu committed to Cub Foods chain

Stew Leonard’s pulls imitation crab meat off shelves

Big food braces for online competition  Chicago Tribune

Walmart expands grocery pickup in CA

Organic food is pricier but shoppers crave it  USAToday

Supermarkets have too much space  MSN

Top performing grocers have ‘fresh’ departments   Food Navigator

Why Lidl won’t go away  SN

Robots to Work at Schnucks stores

Amazon may be buying a fixer-upper  WHIO.COM

Farming myths to remember when grocery shopping  WaPo

Other ‘Food’ Acquisition Targets for Amazon  MSN

Walmart to open new mega-warehouse in FL

Alibaba doubling down on supermarket strategy  CNBC

Kroger wins customer satisfaction survey

Amazon insider speculates on grocery strategy  BI

Union opposes Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods  Reuters

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Latest Headlines

Irma Called a ‘Major Calamity’ for Florida Crops

Organic Industry Sues USDA over Egg Regs  MSN

How Agriculture Came to Be a Political Weapon

CEO of the world’s No. 1 meatpacker arrested in Brazil  Reuters

Urban Agriculture Bill Introduced in U.S. House

Head of USDA’s organic program retires

A plant-based approach to sustainable seafood

Pilgrim’s Pride Poultry to pay $1B for UK’s Moy Park  Reuters

Irma severely damaged some major Ag crops in FL  CNBC

Farmers face vendor lock-in as agriculture goes digital

USDA recalls cooked chicken product in 7 states

Why Florida farmers want to kill NAFTA  MSN

US cuts deal to export pork to Argentina

Technology has changed agriculture

Trouble in the wild blueberry business

Trump’s Trade Pullout Roils Rural America  Politico

GM salmon alarms Canadian environmentalists  Yahoo

Good News for Bees as Numbers Rise  MSN

Trump immigration plan bad for agriculture?  The Hill

Phytophthora Root & Stem Rot Developing in Soybeans

Group calls for ‘pollution-free feed’

Vertical Farming Revolutionizing How Food Is Grown  Yahoo

Japan hikes tariffs on frozen beef imports

UK rejects US chlorine-washed chicken  Bloomberg

Alaska meat plants turn to importing cattle

Farmers adapt to changing weed species

Meat producers are earning high profit  Reuters

August deadline to apply for federal crop insurance

CA farmers race to replace workers with robots  LA Times

Agriculture in 2040

A day in the life with dicamba damage

In Maine, oysters farms are booming

Drought catches cattle producers off guard

North Dakota Cropland Values Ease 1%

13 ways tech will reinvent farming

Drought Stressed North Dakota Corn  AG Pro

Mike Conaway fights for Ag Funding  Politico

Betting on Hemp Farming  bloomberg

Robots coming to fish-processing plants

Feds buy surplus blueberries again

Migrant workers sue Monsanto over pay

Growing Bugs For Animal Feed  Forbes

FDA, USDA at odds over ‘soy milk’

Beef sales are heating up  USAToday

The UK Pulls Out From Fishing Pact  Yahoo

Huge corn supplies in storage bins  Reuters

Farmers concerned about feral swine program

Will Higher Wages Solve Farming’s Labor Shortage?  Forbes

ABC & Beef Products settle ‘pink slime’ suit  CNN



Latest Headlines

Study: Consumers value biodegradable food packaging

Food Stocks That Are Defying Industry Woes

GRAS status for Cargill’s canola lecithin

CEO Exodus from Big Food Companies  Fortune

Kirkland Signature: one of Costco’s Biggest Success

Now on sale: candy flavored fruit

Kraft Heinz names 29-year-old 3G Capital partner as CFO  CNBC

Target severs ties with Hampton Creek

Kraft Heinz Plan to Fight Sales Slump  yahoo

Hormel to Buy Fontanini Italian Meats

Oprah is in business with Kraft Heinz  USAToday

How The Kellogg Brothers Revolutionized Breakfast

FDA Challenges Facing Impossible Burger  NYT

Big Food Companies Are in Crisis Mode

New ‘outsider’ CEO at Oreo cookie maker  Reuters

Behind one organic frozen food company  CBS News

Salmonella Papaya Outbreak Strikes States

General Mills’ CEO: company is ready to grow

AI could spot defective baby food

EPA fines Alaskan seafood company

Coca-Cola is replacing Coke Zero

Hormel launches new snack line

The Technology of Mayonnaise  Bloomberg

Pickle company achieves zero food waste

Illinois has lost multiple food manufacturers

Campbell Soup to withdraw from GMA  MW

Cape Cod Chips To Stay On Cape Cod

Big Food’s Next Big Problem  WSJ

US Foods acquires 3 Midwest distributors

Hampton Creek’s Board Quits  Bloomberg

Kellogg to move to a warehouse system

Reversing the curse of the center aisle  Yahoo

How Big Food Lost Touch With The Market  Forbes

Nestle’s health science biz  investing $22M Reuters

Food industry incubator coming to Chicago

Snack bar company Kind explores stake sale  Reuters

Campbell Soup buys Pacific Foods for $700M

Preventing food safety crises

Stonyfield Organic sold to Lactalis

Spam Celebrates 80th Spam-iversary

Several food firms get FDA warnings

Nestle’s Response to Investors Underwhelms

Dairy Farmer Co-op to Buy Kraft Heinz Plant

Hain Celestial acquires the Better Bean

White House may tighten food aid shipping rules  MSN

Hampton Creek is making lab-grown meat  BI

Chobanis traditional yogurt line  Fortune

Food Brands Face Amazon Squeeze  Fox Business

How Nestlé Expanded Beyond the Kitchen  NYT

Small food makers wonder about Amazon impact

Yoplait Manufactures Authenticity With Its Yogurt  NYT

Nanotechnology in the food industry



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Latest Headlines

How 5 Seattle Chefs Survive in The Restaurant Biz

Robot replacement begins in fast food industry  Daily Mail

Restaurant Industry in the Age of Technology

Starbucks pays employees despite Hurricane closures

Restaurateur Danny Meyer on the Mistakes that Guided Him  MSN

Kroger Is Opening a Restaurant

Chili’s is trimming menu by 40%  USA Today

Can Restaurants Overcome The Amazon Effect?

Dallas Restaurants Face A Staffing Shortage

Dishwashers can make or break a restaurant

KFC’s Comeback Story Takes Flight  QSR

Grocers Draw Millennials With In-Store Restaurants  NPR

Little Caeser’s self-service Pizza Portal  Yahoo

Online food delivery poised for growth  Forbes

Dunkin’ Tests Dumping ‘Donuts’ from name  CBS LA

Pizza Hut launches loyalty program  NRN

Winners of Unhealthy Restaurant Meals Contest

Senator wants fast food packaging investigated

Starbucks closing Teavana chain

How restaurants will use Technology

McDonald’s Works on Transforming Image  NYT

Technology & the Food Workforce of the Future

How Does Norovirus Get into Restaurant Food?  Yahoo

Packaging Produce for foodservice needs

The fastest-growing restaurant chain in history  BI

More Problems for Chipolte  CBS News

A Young Chef Invents ‘Neo-Fjordic’ Cuisine  NYT

Amazon treading on Blue Apron’s turf  CNBC

Why McDonald’s Fries Are So Addictive  MSN

Can remodels save the fast-food industry?

US Restaurant Industry Stuck in Collapse  ZeroHedge

Digital Disruption In Food Service

Chipotle NEXT Kitchen tests new menus

When Will Restaurant Automation Get Here?

Restaurants see results from mobile apps  MW

8 food documentaries on Netflix

Chefs Make Edibles that Taste Delicious

Subway is the the largest retailer in the US

Modernizing Ethiopian cuisine

Half of Blue Apron’s competitors will die CNBC

Chick-fil-A: hottest chain in the country  NRN

“Restaurant in a Restaurant” Trend  Yahoo

Blue Apron IPO off to a rough start  TechCrunch

Restaurant Loses Staff Following Visit From ICE

Darden CEO believes in millennials  CNBC

BurgerFi signs deal for vegetarian burgers  Daily Mail

Immigrants Poised To Shake Up US Culinary Landscape  Forbes

Foodservice Stocks Whacked By Speculation

Meal Kits and not so ‘free shipping’

New York restaurant industry is slowing down  NY Post

Americans prefer fast food over full-service dining  Fox News

Burger King honored as Creative Marketer of the Year  AdAge

Landry’s bids $55M for Ignite Restaurant Group  NRN

Why An Award-Winning Chef Gave Up On Restaurants  Forbes



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