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It’s a bad time to be in the business of selling groceries, and the headlines are as bleak as you’d expect: “The Retail Apocalypse Is Coming for Grocery Stores,” “The New Era of Grocery Just Claimed Its First Victims,” “Grocery Retail ‘Bloodbath’ Is Here,” “The Grocery Price Wars Are Raging. Bananas Are Weapons.” Iconic brands like Winn-Dixie have gone bankrupt. Amazon’s Whole Foods purchase annihilated Kroger’s market value and, recently, one Morgan Stanley analyst warned at an industry conference in Vegas, “There is no playbook for the change that’s happening.”

Conversely, it is a great time — arguably the best time ever — to buy groceries. In a climate of fierce competition, store owners are racing to roll out new technology, lower prices, and win, by any means necessary, consumers’ ever-elusive “stomach share.”

Here’s why the produce-buying public is benefiting from the massive upheaval that’s happening in grocery stores all over the country.

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