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Americans toss up to 40% of their food supply annually partially because they believe their food has expired. Read more here »  
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What are ‘Frankenchickens’ and why are they washed with chlorine?
A minor detail in trade talks between the US and the UK seems to have grabbed the media’s attention. The controversy revolves around safety concerns about chlorine-washed chicken…

Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods
In a move that is sure to bring further disruption to the grocery sector, Jeff Bezo’s Amazon has acquired troubled retailer Whole Foods

Exactly What is “Clean Label” Food
A major trend in the food industry is the consumer’s preference for healthy, natural and sustainable foods and the industry’s initiatives to

Why Grocery Prices are Falling
Anyone who shops at a large supermarket may have noticed a price war that has been brewing among major chains which has been bringing the cost of food down

How Chefs Control Costs in The Kitchen
Professional Chef’s who’ve been at it long enough know a thing or two about how to deal with rising food costs. Fueled by trends in global demand combined with low inventories, crops such as corn, soybean, wheat and

The 3 main objectives of modern food traceability systems
There’s more to it than just food safety. Traceability means the ability to record, track and verify a product’s history and location as it moves through a supply chain

The Menu Labeling Law- What’s Next?
The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was expected to begin enforcement of the menu labeling rule on May 5, 2017. However, only days

Food traceability software and systems vendors
As food companies continue to deploy practices and systems to ensure they are compliant with the FMSA many are obtaining SQF certification from

What’s America’s favorite fruit?
A 2014 chart from the USDA shows that in 2014 American’s consumed an average of 34.3 pounds of

Industry Hopes “The Common Sense Nutrition Act” Will Supplant Obama Era Menu Labeling Rules
FDA enforcement of the menu labeling rule was expected to begin on May 5, 2017, but now it is likely that another FDA menu labeling enforcement delay will be granted. On 

Some statistics about the US Seafood Supply
Seafood Health Facts has gathered some statistics about the US Seafood Supply and published them in a handy PDF Guide which you can link to below. Some highlights include

Industry survey shows 46% of grocers behind in omnichannel
Nearly half of US grocers do not yet offer any omnichannel services.  The number of brick & mortar grocers who have not deployed any omnichannel service offerings is over

Consumer Confusion Between Natural vs Organic Food
Consumers are confused about food labels, farming methods and the marketing jargon used in the food industry. Surveys have shown that two-thirds of consumers