Are We in The Golden Age of Grocery Shopping?

The editors at GrubStreet think we are! It’s a bad time to be in the business of selling groceries, and the headlines are as bleak as you’d expect: “The Retail Apocalypse Is Coming for Grocery Stores,” “The New Era of Grocery Just Claimed Its First Victims,” “Grocery Retail ‘Bloodbath’ Is Here,” [...]

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Here’s Why Grocery Prices Will Fall

And will probably continue to fall May, 2017 -  Anyone who shops at a large supermarket may have noticed a price war that has been brewing among major chains which has been bringing the cost of food down. The primary reason is due to an effort by Walmart to react to, and ready itself [...]

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When Did Grocery Carts Become So Filthy?

March, 2011 -  We awoke this morning to the shocking news that supermarket grocery carts are bacteria laden, fecal carrying, ecoli-infested, poo machines. We wondered how it could be that last week this was essentially unknown to us and yet by 10AM these dirty facts were the topic of 2 stories on [...]

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