McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast food chain, has launched a new automated store format that is set to change the way customers experience the brand. This new format utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with a more efficient and personalized experience. Machines do nearly everything from taking orders to delivering food. The first location was opened in 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas.

The new format, that some have dubbed a “Robot Restaurant” could be a revolutionary concept that could change its entire relationship with customers. One of the main features of the new automated store format is the use of self-ordering kiosks. These kiosks allow customers to place their orders using a touch screen, eliminating the need for human interaction. The kiosks also have the capability to recommend menu items based on the customer’s previous orders, providing a more personalized experience.

In addition to self-ordering kiosks, the new store format also includes mobile ordering and payment capabilities. Customers will be able to place their orders and pay through the McDonald’s app, making the ordering process even more convenient. Once their order is ready, customers will receive a notification and can pick up their food at designated pick-up areas.

Another key aspect of the new store format is the use of advanced kitchen equipment. McDonald’s has invested in new technology such as high-speed grills and automated fryers, allowing them to prepare food faster and with greater precision. This will help to improve the speed and accuracy of the food preparation process, making it more efficient and reducing wait times for customers.

McDonald’s has also made efforts to create a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere in the new store format. The design of the store will be modern and sleek, with a focus on natural light and open spaces. There will also be seating areas with charging stations and free wifi, making it a more comfortable place for customers to dine in. This new format is expected to provide a more efficient and personalized experience for customers, while also helping the company to reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency.

Will customers like it?

It’s too early to say whether the new concept will take off or fizzle like New Coke.  Some customers may enjoy the modern and sleek design of the new format, as well as the added amenities such as seating areas with charging stations and free wifi. However, others may find the lack of human interaction in the ordering process to be unappealing or impersonal. The success of the robot restaurants will likely depend on various factors such as the specific location, the implementation of technology, and the preferences of customers. Finally Mcdonald’s will have to ensure that the quality and consistency of its burger and fries are the same  whether served up by machine or man.