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What’s America’s favorite fruit? Depends on what you consider fruit.

This 2014 chart from the USDA shows that in 2014 American’s consumed an average of 34.3 pounds of oranges which technically makes the orange the winner. However, of that 31 pounds was consumed in juice form. Orange juice can be heavily processed and may not be as nutritional as the fresh version.

It’s the fresh version that most people think of when they think of healthy fruit and when it comes to fresh apples and bananas top the list. The average consumption of apples in 2014 was 11.6 pounds per person and bananas in second place at 11.3 pounds per person.

As an aside the USDA found that overall fruit consumption may be on the decline in the US. Americans consumed an average of 119.9 pounds of fresh and processed fruit per person in 2014, down from 132.1 pounds in 1999.

Interestingly, the mango which is by far the most commonly eaten fruit around the world doesn’t even register in the study.