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Building a Category Management Capability
This is a link to White Paper (published in 2005 by UPS) that provides a good overview of category management in the grocery sector and some case studies.

Deli Business
For retail buyers and suppliers of deli products including specialty meats, cheeses and prepared foods. 

A blog maintained by Produce Business Magazine devoted the produce and fresh foods.

International Dairy Deli Bakery Association
A trade association for food retailers and manufacturers of products in the dairy, deli and bakery categories.

The United Fresh Produce Association
A trade association that represents the needs of companies in the fresh and fresh-cut produce sector; focuses on shaping legislative and regulatory policy and operating an annual trade show.

News service that focuses on International Dairy markets.

Organic Trade Association
OTA represents businesses across the organic supply chain; the majority of member are small businesses.

Freshplaza.com bills itself as “an independent news source for companies operating in the global fruit and vegetable sector”.

SNAC International
SNAC  (formerly Snack Food Association) is an international trade association for the snack industry. They also publish a magazine and industry reports.