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Food Processing Occupations
An informative starting point for data and links for food processing occupations compiled by Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Also includes tobacco worker info.

University and College Programs
Many colleges and universities provide training and full degree programs in food science, marketing and agriculture. This page provides links to many of these programs.

Institute of Packaging Professionals
Institute of Packaging Professionals is an individual membership organization serving the educational needs of the packaging community.

US Department of Commerce Processed Foods Report
This links to a PDF file from Trade.Gov written in 2008. It provides a good industry overview and includes some employment information.

Salary & Wage Information
This links to Payscale.Com’s food manufacturing section where they provide some top-line data of salaries and wages based on their industry pay index.

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
UFCW is a labor union representing approximately 1.3 million workers in the United States and Canada. Many of its member work in the agriculture, meatpacking, poultry and food processing trades.

Chef’s Crossing Job Board
Job postings and career resources cooks and chefs in the US and abroad.

Rutgers Food Safety Training Courses
Rutgers University’s Office of Continuing Professional Education offer food safety and food science training courses. Courses are offered in Food Processing and Safety as well as for other industry professionals.

OSHA Safety Guidelines for Poultry Processing
OSHA is responsible for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions in teh US. This links to a report outlining OSHA guidelines for poultry plants – a similar guide for meatpacking plants is here.

An Industry wide job board lets employers and employees search across all sorts of categories including manufacturing, live production and packaging.

Summary of the Major Labor Laws
The Department of Labor administers and enforces federal labor laws that cover many workplace activities for about 10 million employers and 125 million workers. This page is a good starting place to learn more.

Fact Sheet: migrant and seasonal farmworkers
This links to a PDF file published in 2009 by The National Center for Farmworker Health; it outlines the demographics of the 3 million+ migrant and seasonal farmworkers estimated to be in the United States.