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Tracking Systems in the Food Industry
This White Paper from CEIS explores how food companies can gain a competitive advantage by deploying tracking/traceability systems.

The website for The Food Processing Suppliers Association trade association and sponsors of The Process Expo trade show.

Guidance for Small & Very Small Plants
A USDA resource page for small and very small federal and state-inspected establishment owners and operators who produce meat, poultry and egg products.

A product and equipment site for engineers, managers and others in the food processing business. They also publish MeatAndPoultryOnline.Com.

ISO’s 22000 page
ISO 22000 is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization dealing with food safety and is a derivative of ISO 9000.

Used Processing Equipment Market
Online marketplace for buying and selling used processing equipment for a variety of industries including to be used in the food, beverage and packaging.

Packaging World
Trade magazine that covers the business of packaging with an emphasis on packaging equipment, materials, and applications.

Country Of Origin Labeling is a labeling law that requires the industry to provide information regarding the source of certain foods. The Agriculture Marketing Service is responsible for administration and enforcement of COOL.

Food Industry Architects, Engineers and Construction Firms
Links to a PDF file of Foodprocessing.Com’s 2008 Directory of Architects, Engineers and Construction Firms. It’s a helpful resource for anyone who is looking to design, build, modernize or expand a plant.

The Contract Packaging Association 
A national trade association of contract packaging companies and other businesses related to them.

GMA’s Progress in Sustainable Packaging Survey
This links to a PDF copy of The Grocery Manufacturers Association 2011 ‘Sustainable Packaging’ report. It’s an old document that tried to put large manufacturers in a good light regarding sustainability.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is a management system which addresses food safety. This links to the USDA page that provides a guidebook for the preparation of HACCP plans and models.

Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference
An event that brings food and beverage processors and suppliers together to share information on the latest trends and technologies in manufacturing, automation, sustainability and food safety.