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Why is organic food so expensive?

April , 2022|

Organic foods are typically more expensive than non-organic options but that hasn't stopped more Americans from buying. According to the Organic Trade [...]

Natural and artificial hormones in cow milk

April , 2022|

Cow milk naturally contains several hormones that are produced by the cow's endocrine system. In addition, some farmers may also inject cows [...]

Pork is the Most Consumed Meat Worldwide

February , 2022|

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the global consumption of meat reached an impressive 340 million tons in [...]

Exactly what is precision agriculture?

February , 2022|

Precision agriculture - also called precision farming, digital agriculture and sometimes "smart farming" - is a management strategy that encourages the precise [...]

Why the orange juice market is struggling

February , 2022|

The orange juice market is facing challenges primarily because of problems in Florida. The state is second only to Brazil in global [...]


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