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Top Indoor Vertical Farming Companies

February , 2022|

Vertical indoor farming is growing up and as it does some companies are emerging as major players. As of 2021,  over 2,000 [...]

Industry report warns Milkflation is here to stay

January , 2022|

The dominant features of the U.S. dairy markets are tighter milk production, record export volumes, higher prices, sluggish domestic consumption, and dropping [...]

What is 3D Food Printing?

January , 2022|

3D food printing is a process that utilizes 3D printer technology to create edible products and meals from raw ingredients like chocolates, [...]

Top private label food manufacturers

January , 2022|

Some supermarket retailers rely on private label brands for up to 20% of their revenue. There are many private label food manufacturers [...]

Charting the rise in UK retail food prices

January , 2022|

The Food Foundation (TFF) is an independent charity focused on challenges in the UK food system. They maintain an online food price [...]

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