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Why bacon doesn’t have a warning label

June , 2021|

In 2015, The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) released findings telling consumers that red meats are "probable carcinogens" and that processed meats are [...]

Why does Bill Gates own so much farmland?

June , 2021|

The Land Report is a magazine that tracks major land transactions and produces an annual list of the 100 biggest US landowners. [...]

Are food dyes safe?

May , 2021|

TL/DR - The US Government says yes as long as they are used properly; others claim they cause many health problems.  It [...]

McDonalds future is all about the 3 D’s

February , 2021|

In November 2020 McDonald’s unveiled a new growth strategy during a presentation to investors. The main message was that future McDonald’s restaurants [...]

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