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What is an ‘organic’ food?

May , 2017|

In the United States an organic food is USDA certified as compliant to a strict set of requirements as to its production and [...]

Google Launches ‘Recipe View’

May , 2017|

March, 2011 -  In late February Google launched a new search tool called Recipe View. Recipe View is a new search feature [...]

Nutrition Keys Come Ahead of FDA Guidelines

April , 2017|

February 2011 - The Grocery Manufacturers Association along with the Food Marketing Institute have developed an initiative that will encourage members to [...]

U.S. Family Farm Stats for 2015

April , 2017|

Large Family Farms Dominate U.S. Agricultural Production Sometimes the media give the impression that US agriculture, and particularly the farming segment, is [...]

When Did Grocery Carts Become So Filthy?

March , 2017|

March, 2011 -  We awoke this morning to the shocking news that supermarket grocery carts are bacteria laden, fecal carrying, ecoli-infested, poo [...]

Marketing in the Organic Food Industry

February , 2017|

The USDA has explicitly stated that its organic seal is not a measure of nutrition or quality, and is “not a statement [...]

A short film worth watching

December , 2016|

White Oak Pastures is a 3200 acre farm in Blufton Georgia that has been run by the same family for 6 generations. [...]