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How chefs control costs in the kitchen

August , 2017|

Professional Chef's who've been at it long enough know a thing or two about how to deal with rising food costs. Fueled by [...]

In Kenya low-till farming means more food and jobs

July , 2017|

Over 10,000 small-scale farmers in Kenya’s semi-arid counties are practicing low-till farming. Also called zero-till farming, the land is not ploughed, instead [...]

Amazon’s Buys Whole Foods Market

June , 2017|

In June of 2017 Amazon  announced its acquisition of Whole Foods - a move that further disrupts the grocery sector.  Amazon is [...]

Exactly What is “Clean Label” Food?

June , 2017|

A major trend in the food industry is the consumer's preference for healthy, natural and sustainable foods and the industry's initiatives to [...]

Here’s Why Grocery Prices Will Fall

May , 2017|

And will probably continue to fall May, 2017 -  Anyone who shops at a large supermarket may have noticed a price war that has [...]

The Menu Labeling Law – What’s Next?

May , 2017|

FDA seeks to clarify confusion surrounding the law May, 2017 – The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was expected to begin enforcement of [...]