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As goes China, so goes the world.

June , 2019|

While the food industry is sometimes called the world's biggest industry - in reality it's a conglomeration of broad sectors and businesses. [...]

Is farming octupus unethical?

April , 2019|

A Japanese aquaculture company recently announced it has succeeded in hatching eggs of fully farmed octopus in western Japan. The seafood company [...]

What is a Grocerant?

December , 2018|

There was a time when food was sold through much more rigid channels than exist today. For the most part consumers used [...]

Where’s the beef cut come from?

December , 2018|

Ever wonder where your T-Bone Steak or the juicy sirloin tips you had for dinner the other night come from? While [...]

GRAS Resources

November , 2018|

GRAS is an acronym for Generally Recognized as Safe. This is a designation made by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [...]

The 4 categories of Processed Foods

November , 2018|

In some ways "processed food" gets a bad rap. The truth is that a majority of foods that we eat are in [...]